GIF Greetings 2022

If this year you want to change your style for your greetings you can choose an animated gif . A short, small movie that cyclically repeats to animate your message. We have prepared different types of animations, some simpler and others more particular but always in the 2022 theme. You can share our gifs by clicking on the social buttons you see below them. Unfortunately whatsapp does not currently support sharing external to the platform, choose facebook and all the other social networks to send your original animated wishes.

animated gif with 2022 wishes and an explosion of colors

Diffusion of colors

New Year's Eve is celebrated in so many ways, even an explosion of colors makes its effect, especially with a greeting text.


Pyrotechnic animation 2022

We welcome the start of the new year with spectacular fireworks choreography. For those who cannot attend the party we have prepared this gif of greetings suitable for everyone.

animation with fireworks and a phrase of good wishes

animated gif with a gold background for important wishes

A precious year

The coming year will be an important one for everyone, a time of rebirth and prosperity. A gold colored background makes this animation even more important for your wishes.


Ballo di fine anno

If you don't like dancing too you have to make a small sacrifice, at least on the last day of the year you can't give up this special ballet to say goodbye to the past.

animated gif with a dance to give happy new year 2022