Phrases with funny wishes 2022

The category of funny phrases could not be missing! Nice messages, quotes, aphorisms and jokes for the wishes of New Year 2022 . So many arguments to joke about everything that happened last year and what will happen in the new one. The end of the year is an important moment to be taken very seriously, but there is always room for a laugh with friends. Choose the phrase you like best and share it with your fellow adventures.

- For 2022 I have an idea that Santa gave me! Visit people once a year.

- New Year? I had just gotten to grips with this!

- I don't think I'm starting 2022 until I see a trailer.

funny phrase movie trailer 2022

- A new year, a new beginning, but you are always here and that's not a compliment!

- Remember that this year you will have me by your side, if you fall I'll be there to get you up, after I have stopped laughing.

- The secret to happiness in 2022 is to have low expectations, or perhaps none.

funny phrase happiness 2022

- Don't worry about the future, I'm sure you'll have a brilliant one. Don't worry about the past, you can't change it. Don't worry about the present, the future will soon come. Happy New Year 2022!

- It's New Year's Eve and I'm thinking about when to go to sleep ... Maybe I'm getting old.

- Don't worry if this year it doesn't reach perfection, you will never succeed!

funny phrase perfection new year

- They say you are what you eat, I hope it's not valid for New Year's Eve.

- When a new year begins, you say that you have to give up old habits just because you want to try new ones.

- Don't be afraid of 2022, it can never be worse than 2021!

funny wishes for the new year