Meme 2022

The new year is undoubtedly a very serious and important moment, a new path begins and there is no turning back. Work, affection, and many other situations can make our life difficult but this does not mean that we must stop smiling. Facing the days with serenity will make everything easier. We have created a section of images and funny memes to joke about everything that has happened in the last period, without forgetting the New Year's traditions. Send these cute images to entertain your friends during the New Year's Eve and welcome 2022 with a smile.

funny meme doge images 2022

An unforgettable year

It will be difficult for 2022 to make your mark as it did last year, so many have happened! Let's see what awaits us, let's hope for an important change, for the better of course!


Start on the right foot

If everything that happened last year awaits us for 2022, it is better to prepare for warfare, it will certainly go much better!

funny picture how to prepare for the start of the new year 2022

funny meme dangerous midnight celebrations

Dangerous fires

The first recommendation that is made to us when midnight arrives is to be careful, between barrels and fireworks the situation could degenerate. Let's hope it doesn't turn out like this!


Eventful New Year

It is always difficult to answer the question "What are you doing on New Year's Eve?". If you are undecided and do not know what to do, remember that there would be a solution!

funny image goodnight new year 2022