Happy New Year 2022


Welcome to our Happy New Year 2022 website. We have created for you a collection of lots of useful material to make wishes for the beginning of the new year. New Year Images, Graphics, Greeting Cards, Animated Gifs, Greeting Messages, Funny Phrases, Famous Quotes and Videos are the categories of our site that you can visit to find the most suitable content to send for the New Year. All the resources you find on our site can be downloaded and shared for free.

Everything you need to start the new year 2022

What you need in one site, you no longer need to look elsewhere, best wishes are ready for you.

With our staff we decided to make a great commitment, create a site for New Year 2022 that would provide visitors with a wide choice of greetings that they can send or download completely free. The work started immediately after the holidays, a graphic designer took care of creating new original images for 2022 that could be able to attract the attention of web surfers and our developer made sure that all these contents could be visible on the internet.

The main categories that you will find on our site are: Images, Animated Gifs, Phrases and Videos. The images are divided into three sub categories: simple images with the inscription 2022, greeting cards with beautiful New Year phrases, and funny images and memes. The animated gifs are of various kinds, some simpler and others with more particular animations. Not miss the greetings phrases even these divided into different sub categories to please everyone. Classic phrases, funny phrases and famous quotes. The most beautiful phrases have been selected to create postcards to send as a message. The last category but not least are videos, short films to celebrate the arrival of the year 2022.

We have thought of everything, you just have to choose the category you like best and find the best wishes for you. A new year is coming and we hope it can be better than the previous one, the best way to welcome 2022 is in the company of the people most important to us, and if for third reasons they cannot be physically there you can choose ours fantastics wishes! Send and share our happy new year 2022 messages to greet those who are far away and give a smile. A special thanks goes to all the people who contributed to the realization of this project and to you who read this short text. Best wishes to all for a peaceful 2022!

Images 2022

One of the most visited pages where we have created many graphics with the number 2022. No phrases and messages just our new year ready to be shared. Decorations, colored ribbons, and many shades make these images unique in their kind. Imagination is never too much! If you have any particular idea you want to realize you can write us on our email, we will contact you if we find your message interesting.

Confetti 2022

The new year 2022 brings a lot of joy with this original colorful text decorated with confetti.

Text 2022 decorated with a large red bow

New Year's bow

A beautiful gift wrapped with a red bow to send for the start of the new year.

image with decoration for New Year celebrations

Happy New Year Decorations

You don't know how to decorate your home for the New Year's Eve dinner, here is an image for you.

original image in arcade videogames style for New Year's greetings 2022

Super Mario 2022

How many memories can a single image evoke? Here is the proof. Special New Year's greetings for you.

Happy New Year 2022 decorations with greeting phrase

Decorations with Wishes

Christmas is now over but the balls remain a tradition also for the wishes of a Happy New Year.


Welcome New Year

The time has come to say goodbye to 2021 and celebrate a new beginning full of surprises and adventures.

video game style image with button start 2022

A new adventure

What if we could choose to start 2022 or try again the previous year? What would you do?

greeting image with an iceberg and the inscription 2022

Let's climb the future

In the distance, a large iceberg brings us lots of news with the start of the new year 2022.


New Year's lights

We welcome January 1, 2022 together with colored lights, fireworks and pyrotechnic games.

red heart with wishes happy new year 2022

Wishes from the heart

A greeting card to start the year 2022 in a romantic way.

neon colors with wishes 2022

Colorful neon

A colorful text with the number 2022 to celebrate the new year in serenity.


Coding year 2022

Special greetings for the most passionate computer scientists.


Greetings cards

In this section we have selected the best greetings phrases and associated them with some images that could evoke the content of the text. If you are a romantic and sentimental person and you want to send important wishes to surprise someone, this is the most suitable category for you. Remember that if you are only looking for phrases you can find greeting messages by scrolling through in the site.

Happy New Year 2022 greeting card with colorful ribbon

New Year decorations

Send your New Year's greetings with this beautiful postcard decorated with a colored ribbon.

Image of wishes with phrase of hope for 2022

Make your dreams come true

A new year is a new beginning, the ideal time to set yourself many goals to achieve.

Image celebrations with midnight fires

Midnight fires

Send a message to those who celebrate big, here is a beautiful photo taken on New Year's Eve.


Time flows

We are different from each other, what unites us is time and no one can stop it.

Postcard with colored pencils and greeting phrase 2022

Imagine your future

Everyone is the architect of their own destiny, take colored pencils in hand and draw what you would like in your future year.

A romantic postcard with a rose for the good wishes of a happy 2022

A year full of love

A special wish for 2022 to the person we love and who we would always like to be at our side.


Don't get tired of dreaming

There is no better wish than success, even if the years pass we always believe in what we want.

romantic dedication for the wishes of a happy year 2022

Red roses for you

Share your feelings with the one you love, the start of this new year is the right time.

welcome postcard 2022 with a phrase of good wishes and an airplane in flight

Aim high

The past is nothing more than a teacher of life, always look forward and trust in this new year 2022.


Happy New Year toast

An original toast to have during the New Year's Eve dinner in the company of your family.

gift for 2022 with a message of good wishes

An amazing year

Nobody knows what awaits us in this new year, but one thing is certain its beginning is very near.

image with sparkling wine corks and a phrase of good wishes for 2022

The importance of a gesture

An important reminder that no material gift can make us truly happy.


A special thought

Knowing someone who can help us in a difficult time is something fundamental for our future.

Postcard with a snowy landscape to wish happy new year 2022

Future choice

A greeting text to remind you of the importance of any choice in our life.

greeting message for the midnight toast

Midnight toast 2022

Choose carefully the words for the New Year's toast in the company of your family.


Funny memes

We couldn't miss some memes for this new year. So many have happened and it seemed impossible to make everything go unnoticed. The best funny images on the web with 2022 theme, if you want to make someone smile choose your favorite and share it. The new year is above all a time of joy.

Mr Bean

A very famous expression taken from the film by Mr Bean now tired of receiving good wishes for the new year.

funny picture with Leonidas who doesn't want New Year's greetings

The dawn of a new year

Image taken from the movie 300, Leonidas goes to war with his army of Spartans.

funny greeting image for waiting for 2022

Emotions 2022

It is said that waiting increases desire but sometimes it may not be quite the case. 2022 has already begun.

funny meme what do you do on new year 2022

Predictable question

A child has a bad reaction when asked what he does on New Year's Eve.

funny greeting image with willy wonka for 2022

A year to forget

Sarcastic wishes for 2022, joking about everything that happened last year.

funny meme with sarcastic wishes for 2022

Horror greetings

A famous scene from the horror film The Shining, in which the protagonist wishes us a happy new year with a threatening expression.


Funny phrases

After the memes there are obviously the phrases! Nice ironic jokes with current themes to really make everyone laugh. Be careful who you send your wishes, some might get nervous, we wouldn't want to ruin your first day of the year. If you don't find something you really like visit the Humorous page where you will find other funny messages.

- The first rule of 2022: that nobody talks about 2021!

- For some years I have decided not to worry about good intentions, since then I have never been disappointed.

- Happy New Year 2022 to the people who love me, the unfortunate who have lost me and the lucky ones who know me!

funny phrase luck 2022

- You reach maturity, when you understand that a new year will not change anything in your life.

- A new year is an opportunity to start all over from 0, too bad that the debts remain the same.

- Good resolutions for 2022? Continue to avoid people.

funny phrase people new year

- The only thing I gained in 2021 was the weight!

- A positive side of 2022? It will hardly be worse than 2021.

- You are the most precious thing in my life, maybe this year I'll have to sell you too. Happy New Year 2022!

2022 funny love wishes phrase

- It's time to make old mistakes in a new year. Welcome 2022!

- I hope you can get rich, i recently became your best friend.

- This year, in addition to New Year's greetings, I also apologize, not for the mistakes I made, but for the troubles I will cause you.

ironic phrase new year

- Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. I hope you can write!

- I prefer to study 2022 from home.

- Today I close the door to the past, I open the door to the future, and I build a wall. Happy New Year 2022!

phrase wishes past

GIF New Year 2022

If simple texts and static images are not for you then you can choose an animated gif. Short animations of all kinds that you can send to anyone on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. Unlike video gifs, they are smaller in size and can be downloaded very quickly.

PAC-MAN Remastered

An unforgettable video game updated to 2022 for very special wishes.

gif 2022 with colorful fireworks

Pyrotechnic animation

A 2022 full of colors with this animation and fireworks.

gif of waiting to celebrate 2022


There are a few minutes left for midnight to arrive, the New Year's loading is almost complete.


Cascade of confetti

A shower of multicolored confetti to celebrate the stroke of midnight together.

Gif with 2022 Happy New Year greetings text

Fade-in Happy New Year

A beautiful animation on the text happy new year 2022 in gold color.

gif with shooting star for new year celebrations

Stellar New Year

An animated shooting star lights up your happy holidays wishes.


Video Happy New Year 2022

Not just animations! If you really care about this new year, you can send the most suggestive wishes with a video. We have optimized our videos, you can download and see all what interests you very quickly. The beauty of a video greeting lies precisely in the richness of effects and colors that it shows us. This page is constantly updated, do not miss what you like.


Famous quotes

Every self-respecting festivity has quotes that are handed down over time. We have selected the quotes that best symbolize what the beginning of a new year means, the importance of life and the future. Einstein, Hugo, Ghandi and many other of the most famous characters in history have important messages for us. Thought that we can share in an important moment like the beginning of a new year.

- Let us greet this new year together, a new year that ages our friendship without aging our hearts. (Victor Hugo)

- It is never too late to be what you might have been. (George Eliot)

- It wouldn't be New Year's if I didn't have regrets. (William Thomas)

william thomas new year quote

- Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. (Benjamin Franklin)

- I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. (Thomas Jefferson)

- The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. (Abraham Lincoln)

abraham lincoln 2022 future quote

- The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

- Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

- It's not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. (William Shakespeare)

destiny quote 2022 william shakespeare

Wishes phrases

The classic greeting phrases never fade, simplicity is sometimes the best solution. Here for you some beautiful messages of good wishes for 2022 to send to those who do not care about the form but about the content. After all, the most important thing for those who cannot be with us is to receive a thought and demonstrate that despite the distance our feelings do not change with the passage of time. If you like to write you can send us your texts by email and we will share them on our pages.

Give more

Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have. This famous quote reminds me of you. My best wishes for a Happy New Year 2022.


We welcome 2022 with new hopes and a new spirit by sending all the best wishes for a happy year full of serenity.


It is really hard to believe that this year you will be away from me, you are a special person. Happy new year my friend.

Greetings to a friend

Years come and go but we will remain friends and never be a foe. I’m wishing you a happy and prosperous new year 2022.

A better future

Trust in this new year, it will bring what you have always wanted and your future will shine again.

My love

Be the best version of yourself. This year and every year. Happy New Year My Love.

Year of faith

Come to the shelter of God and no evil can touch you. Be his servant and good will be done to you. Happy New Year 2022!


My best wishes for you are not limited to this new year, but also to all future ones. Happy New Year!


It is thanks to you and your support that I have achieved all this in my life. Greetings, Happy 2022!


The only thing I want is to spend the rest of my years with you. Greetings honey!


May this new year 2022 bring much prosperity to you and your family! Happy New Year!

To achieve

Stop thinking about what the outcome of your actions would be. Just do it. Let a new year begin!